Night Guards

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Night Guards in Ottawa

Combat clenching and grinding with a night guard.

Many people subconsciously clench or grind their teeth overnight without even knowing it! This tension is known as bruxism, which can lead to muscle soreness and damaged teeth. Our talented dental professionals at Apple’s Dental Clinics will custom-fit a dental laboratory-created night guard to treat it.

Although most people don’t expect to experience injuries while they sleep, nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching is fairly common. In most cases, it is attributed to a condition called bruxism, which causes overactivity of the jaw muscles (usually during sleep). Bruxism can cause damage to the teeth and mouth and result in various types of oral and facial pain. Night guards offer a simple solution. Our dentists can customize a thin, comfortable night guard to your teeth so you can sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested, restored, and free of pain.

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