Laser Cavity Preparation

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​Laser Technology for Dental Fillings

Dental lasers are a relatively new dental technology used to prepare the tooth structure for a filling or other restorative material. Dental lasers are quiet, non-invasive, and highly accurate, making them very effective in cavity preparations.


How Laser Cavity Preparation Works

In laser cavity preparation, dentists use lasers to clear away decayed tooth material. The laser also prepares the enamel and dentine of the tooth for better bonding with the restorative materials. Once the area has been cleaned out, a filling or other dental restoration can be placed to seal the area.

An important feature of laser treatments for cavity preparations is the ability of lasers to destroy bacteria. This prevents further tooth decay from occurring.


Laser Dentistry

Laser treatments can be used for a wide variety of dental procedures. In addition to cavity preparation, dentists use lasers for teeth whitening, treatment for sensitive teeth, and to prepare for restorative procedures such as root canals. Lasers can also be used on primary teeth (baby teeth).

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