Treating Tooth Decay with Ozone


How it Works

HealOzone works by using oxygen to create ozone, which kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Ozone is a molecule that is made up of three oxygen atoms (O3). It occurs naturally in the environment and has a history of being used as a powerful disinfectant in medicine.


The HealOzone Process

Typically, your dentist will use a diagnostic tool such as DIAGNOdent to map out where decay is occurring on the tooth structure. This tool can measure how long the healOzone tool needs to be used on each tooth.

Once a treatment plan has been created, your dentist will place the silicone cup of the healOzone applicator to the tooth and allow the ozone to spread over the tooth surface, killing the bacteria causing tooth decay. This takes less than a minute for each tooth.

After the ozone has been applied, the healOzone tool vacuums remaining ozone from the area around the tooth and converts it back to oxygen. Next, your dentist will apply a remineralizing fluid to your treated tooth or teeth. This clears away any remaining ozone and promotes the natural remineralization of the tooth structure, strengthening the enamel and further reducing the risk of dental caries and cavities.

Keep in mind that healOzone does not reverse the impact of decay that has already occurred. Depending on your specific level of decay, your dentist may still need to perform restorative procedures on your teeth to help maintain function and keep them strong.

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